Booking an Appointment at the Regional Passport Office Pune

How to Book an Appointment at the Regional Passport Office Pune

If you’re applying for a passport, you will need to visit the regional passport office in your area. You can do this by booking an appointment online. However, there are some things you should keep in mind before booking an appointment.

Passport seva kendras have been revamped and made more citizen-sensitive. The passport office has also redesigned the passport envelopes to make them more appealing.


If you have recently moved to a new region, it is important to select the correct RPO at the time of registration. You can do this by logging in to the Passport Seva Portal and selecting your new jurisdiction. If you have trouble determining which RPO you should choose, you can speak to an authorised representative at the PSK/ POPSK.

The RPO has a wider jurisdiction than Passport Seva Kendras (PSK), which are government bodies situated at district level. Additionally, the RPO handles matters that the PSKs cannot handle, such as passport applications for diplomatic passports.

Additionally, the RPO has stepped up its efforts to provide better service by keeping all passport seva kendras and post office passport seva kendras (POPSK) under its jurisdiction open on Saturdays starting from June 20, 2023. This will enable passport applicants to avoid visiting the RPO frequently and reduce their wait times. In addition, the Ministry of External Affairs has instructed all the passport offices to keep in touch with outstation passport applicants via emails and SMS.

Documents required

If you are planning to apply for a passport, it’s important that you have all the necessary documents. This includes a valid identity proof and proof of address. If you do not have any of these documents, your application may be rejected. The passport office also requires a police verification of your criminal record.

The passport office has several different types of passports available to citizens. These include ECR and non-ECR passports. ECR passports are given to citizens who need emigration clearance to work abroad. Non-ECR passports are for people who do not need emigration clearance for work.

Passport Seva Kendras are now able to accept more applications per day than before. These changes will help reduce the waiting time for passports in Pune. Applicants will also be able to track the status of their application online. To speed up the process, it’s best to prepare your passport application early. This will ensure that your application is completed within the prescribed timeline.

Online appointment booking

Whether you are applying for a new passport or renewing one, you need to schedule an appointment online. The website allows you to search by the type of application and the office you want to visit. The information displayed will showcase the address, quota, and nearest appointment date. The site also lets you check the status of your application and track its progress.

The ministry of external affairs is pulling out all the stops to make passport appointments available to citizens at earlier dates. Applicants can book new appointments, and they can even bring forward previously booked ones, depending on availability.

To book a passport appointment, you must visit the Passport Seva portal and log in with your user ID and password. Once you have logged in, select a passport office and click “Check Appointment Availability.” Be sure to enter the captcha text correctly, as this is necessary for logging into the system. After booking your appointment, you can print the Application Reference Number (ARN) receipt.


Passport issuance is a detailed process and requires a lot of documents. It is important to gather genuine documents and submit them properly. If you fail to do so, your application may get delayed. To avoid delays, you should follow the procedure and pay the required fees on time.

To make payments, you can use a credit or debit card. Make sure that you are aware of the charges before making an online payment. You can also reschedule an appointment if you need to. However, you must reschedule your appointment within a year of the initial appointment date.

The Regional Passport Office Pune will serve 12 districts in Maharashtra. This includes Latur, Ahmednagar, Solapur, Beed, Ichalkaranji, Nanded, Parbhani and Jalna. The RPO will have double the jurisdiction compared to what it had earlier. The new jurisdiction will help in faster processing. It will also help in increasing the number of passports issued. This is an important development for the citizens of India.

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